Trinity River Audubon Center


In 2015 Trinity River Audubon Center was an obscure wedding venue in a little known part of Dallas bursting with potential but struggling to compete in a city with hundreds of more central options. The budget was negligible, but they had an advantage – a uniquely modern Antoine Predock-designed building nestled in one of the largest green spaces in city limits. This campaign helped raise the profile of the space, and grace the cover of D Weddings, while increasing rental revenue to support the center’s many conservation and education programs.

Dining on the Prairie Series

Native Blackland Prairie once covered the majority of midland United States, from Canada to Mexico these grasslands reined. Today, less than .01% remains, including the painstakingly restored acres at Texas’s flagship Audubon Center. Prairie is a precious ecosystem and difficult and expensive to recreate once it’s gone. To share this precious resource during one of its most beautiful seasons and raise funds to ensure it’s survival, and the survival of the songbirds which depend on it, the center’s Board of Directors created this dinner in the prairie, complete with a promotional campaign including digital banners, fundraising materials, and printed menus.


When the National Audubon Society led a network-wide revamp of their web presence, the New York office created a Drupal CMS for state and center branches build tailored-but-connected, modern websites to replace an outdated system housing little-to-no usable content. See the full site (some content modified since my work in 2016-2017).

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