National Audubon Society

Urban Conservation

In 2016 Audubon’s fast growing Urban Conservation program in Texas needed a series of leave-behinds for presentations and meetings. A two- and eight-page version highlight the program’s five initiatives creating safe and healthy environments for wild birds in our cities and why they are needed.

Full Version



When the National Audubon Society led a network-wide revamp of their web presence, the New York office created a Drupal CMS for state and center branches build tailored-but-connected, modern websites to replace an outdated system housing little-to-no usable content. See the full site (some content modified since my work in 2016-2017).

Annual Reports

Yearly printed and PDF booklets honoring donors and highlighting the accomplishments of each branch of the state program.

2016 Annual Report – Texas

2015 Annual Report – Texas


After years of research and strategy work, it became clear that Audubon had a powerful message to share about bird conservation – that birds are at a unique and powerful crux in every ecosystem on earth. When birds are taken care of, every single part of the ecosystem benefits, from microbes to humans. I worked with Audubon conservation scientists and an animation company to spearhead, write, and direct this video which was versioned for several other state branches.

Women in Conservation

In 2015, the Texas state organization adopted the national model of a program honoring influential women in conservation and stewarding the next generation of female conservation leaders. The event materials utilized John James Audubon’s iconic Birds of America print to reflect a specific sector of the organization’s audience and included save the date postcards, fundraising materials, programs, and printed leave-behinds.

2017 Awards Luncheon

2016 Awards Luncheon

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