Oliver’s and Planck’s Tavern

Oliver’s is the longest standing single-ownership restaurant on Cape Cod, in a market where the average turnover for a small business is just two years. Family-owned since its inception in 1983, when the elder of the two brothers in the partnership retired, the younger expanded the bar side of the establishment into an adjoining tavern with an outdoor bar, patio, and some of the best live music on the Cape in Planck’s Tavern. I was called in to design a banner for their latest addition, Aw Shucks, a mobile raw bar and taproom in a restored vintage wooden boat. Later I coordinated professional photographs of their new space, designed local print advertising, and consulted on radio spots. This year, when their website crashed just before COVID-19 closings, we worked to build a better one, create paper versions of their menus, and continue their business via takeout and delivery. See the site.

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