Equani Wellness

Upon first meeting the wellness coach and masseuse behind Equani Wellness she knew she wanted to combine her passions for travel and wellness into one business. Originally targeting the elderly, Lisa wanted to share the joy of travel with those who weren’t physically able to travel on their own any longer. However, my initial research found that most of the people in her income bracket had already lived out their travel dreams and were enjoying wellness services closer to home. Luckily, the research also showed just how fast the luxury wellness travel market was growing. With a defined target audience, and a design exploration around flow and the waterways connecting coastal South Carolina, the resulting brand reflects Lisa’s decades of expertise, upscale style, fit for audiences on Hilton Head and around the world, and passion for sharing the joy of a life well-lived. When COVID-19 closures began, we pivoted again to focus on contactless coaching services by phone and video chat, adding additional coaches to round out all areas of wellness expertise. See the site.

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