Strategic branding and clean design for creatives, nonprofits, small businesses, and anyone else putting good into the world. 

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Hi, I’m Danielle, a multi-disciplinary marketer and designer with a background in branding and strategy. In over a decade in the marketing and advertising fields I’ve worked in nonprofits, advertising agencies, startups, and as a freelancer across all facets of the marketing process, bringing a well-rounded understanding of the industry to you and your business or cause. My focus is on clean design that will stand the test of time and well-researched brand strategy to help those making the world a better place define their target and stand out amongst the crowd. I pull inspiration from the natural world, the modern design movements of the past, historic architecture, and things I see in my travels in my self-converted tiny-home-on-wheels. My passions lie in conservation, sustainable food systems, historic preservation, fighting climate change, plants, and good design.